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KG0889 - 5.00

For the drama queen - Black and white feather effect sequin earrings with flower centre piece.

  KG0903 - 5.00

Silver tone earrings with red bead trim.

KG0969 - 3.25


Gorgeous silver tone and grey bead earring with star sequin trim to finish off the look.

  KG1068 - 5.00

Pretty pastel blue drop earrings to match your favourite costume - or just for wearing during those long, hot (we hope) summer months.

KG1079 - 5.00

Very pretty multi-coloured bead cascade earrings.

  KG1080 - 2.50

Silver tone and peridot coloured bead drops.

KG1081 - 2.50

Another pretty earring - at this price why stop at one pair!!

  KG1082 - 2.50

Silver tone and multi bead drop earring.

KG1099 - 4.50

These silver hologram sequin earrings match the belly chain item KG1116

  KG1146 - 5.50

Dramatic cascade of pink and clear beads finish off these silver tone earrings.

KG1149 - 5.50

Another dramatic pair of earrings.  This time a waterfall of silver tone sequin and black beads.

  KV0175 - 5.00

Traditional style bellydance coin earrings.

KV0178 - 5.00

Unusual take on bellydance coin earrings - something different!

  KV0203 - 5.00

Lovely gold tone coin and red bead earrings.

KV0204 - 5.00

Silver tone coin and bead earrings.

  KV0231 - 5.00

Silver tone earrings to wear with your costume or suitable for everyday wear.




KV206 - 5.00

Traditional style coin bellydance earring - also available in gold, see below.




KV0237 - 5.00

Lovely feather effect silver tone earring.



KV0238 - 5.00

Modern design bellydance earring.


KV0233 - 5.00

Tear shaped coin dangle earring.





KV0240 - 4.50

White bead and silver colour dangle earring.




KV0205 - 5.00

Gold coloured coin style dangle earrings.





KE099 - 4.50

An unusual design with mirrored style crystal beads.



KE098 - 5.00

A very pretty earring with a multitude of white beads


KE100 - 5.00

Elegant earring - crystal bead with gold chain tassle


KE101 - 4.50

Gold filigree style with crystal flower inset.


KE0902 - 5.00

A cascade of plum coloured beads make up this impressive earring.



K0884 - 5.00

A lovely earring enhanced with pale gold beads with a pearly lustre.



K0873 - 3.50

Silver and pink earring with star sequin trim


K0869 - 5.00

Feather shaped sequin drop earring.



KV0203 - 5.00

A traditional style bellydance earring with coin and bead trim. 



K0876 - 5.00

Gorgeous girly earring with a cascade of pink sequins



K0902 - 5.00

Luscious lime coloured beads and silver leaf shape sequins form a dramatic cascade in this unusual earring.


KS0539 - 4.00

Silver tribal style earring - colour of bead trim varies.


KL008 - 4.50

Indian Lakh earring - colours vary.


KL006 - 4.50

Indian Lakh earring - colours vary.

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